The perfect road trip …

Why is Route 66 the perfect spring break road trip? Well … consider what it has to offer:

Cheap eats. Cheap motels. Classic neon. The Chicago skyline. Museums. Corn dogs. Psychedelic light shows in kitschy caves. Ghost towns. Ghosts. Artists. History. Literature. Free steak. Gorgeous scenery. Wild burros. Small towns. Deserts. Santa Monica. Weird photo ops. Weirder photo ops. Cool old farts. Cool young farts. Hippies. Concrete tipis. Did we mention cheap eats? Classic cars. And enough nostalgia to help you sweet-talk your parents into kicking in a few bucks for gas.

If you can’t find something to enjoy in all that, you probably won’t find anything to enjoy anywhere else, either. Interested in learning more about Route 66? Start clicking some of those links to find out what this old road is all about.



  1. This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m planning on taking a road trip down route 66 over spring break with three other guys, and we’ll be looking for more updates! We’re going to try to save money by camping part of the time. We also won’t have an itinerary—we just want to experience the road and where it takes us.

    Our main question right now is what to bring along. We want to pack light, but we also don’t want to forget anything important (e.g. like spray paint for the Cadillac ranch; we can spray it, right?). Any tips you could give would be great.

    We’ll be on the lookout for more posts! Only a couple more weeks till spring break!

  2. Route 66 News has a list of campgrounds that you might find helpful.

    Watch for my next post — I’ll try to put up some tips on packing. And yes, you can spray paint the Cadillac Ranch, although you might want to think about stopping at a discount store (or even one of the great mom-and-pop hardware stores) along the way and picking up your spray paint so you’re not carrying it a long way in the car in case the weather gets hot — aerosol cans plus hot car could equal a volatile (and very messy) combination.

  3. CT to CA motorcycle trip in May by the way we are 4 guys over 55 a couple a lot over
    any suggestions about our route or stops would be great.


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