Posted by: redforkhippie | March 17, 2008

Route 66 in Oklahoma: Mile 21


This image is a shot of Route 66 in Catoosa, looking east. The building just past the curve in the road, near the right-hand side of the photo, is the old Arrowood Trading Post. It is located directly across 66 from the famous Blue Whale, which isn’t visible from this angle.

There were probably better things to shoot right here, but the odometer dictated that we stop next to a guardrail, in the middle of rush hour, with a lot of cars approaching very quickly from behind us, so I had to settle for a quick shot out the windshield before we continued on our way.

The next few photos aren’t the most compelling images I’ve ever shot, but bear with me; they simply reflect my surroundings and the whims of the odometer. Things will pick up again in a few miles, and in the meantime, you’ll get a pretty good sense of what 66 is like as it passes through open land between towns.



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