Posted by: redforkhippie | February 26, 2008

New feature: 66 across Oklahoma

I recently set a goal of traveling Route 66 in Oklahoma and stopping to shoot one photograph every mile. I thought I’d share the images here, as they should give you a good sense of the diverse businesses, attractions, and scenery you’ll encounter along the road.

Here’s the first image, exactly one mile from my starting point:


And here are the rules:
1. Start at Southwest Boulevard (Route 66) and 33rd West Avenue in Tulsa and work east, then come back to the starting point and head west.
2. Every time the odometer reaches a new mile, stop and take a picture.
3. When the car stops, anything in sight is fair game and may be shot from inside or outside the car, from any angle, in any direction, from either side of Route 66.

Because the odometer is guiding my choices, these photos won’t necessarily show you the coolest or most famous attractions on Route 66. Instead, they are just a sampling of what’s out there on the road. Hopefully this will be interesting and maybe even a little helpful as you plan your trip.

Questions about the photographs are welcome. Enjoy!




  1. What a superb idea. Also love the entire concept behind your blog. Thanks

  2. […] the most recent post there describes a project that looks set to produce some really interesting pics. So check it out… […]

  3. Love the old signs. Good work. Good Luck.

  4. Godspeed!

  5. Hi Emily, Very clever photo project. I suggest you get an oil change every 200 or 300 miles. Wondering what kind of gas mileage you’ll get with that kind of stop-n-go. Are you keeping track?
    Anyways, enjoy!

  6. I think the Fit — and the planet — will withstand 400 stops and starts. 🙂

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